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What Ever Happened To Geocities?

April 22, 2013 · No Comments

Is Geocities still around? When I was 15, my first website was at Geocities. I think this is what started my interest in web development, although I look back on that now and don't really see that as being web development at all, it was still my first website.

In 1999 Yahoo bought Geocities, ten years later in 2009, I recieved an email from Yahoo, notifying my that my account was going to be closed as they were closing all Geocities accounts.

So, there in is the question, what ever happened to Geocities?

The answer to this question may suprise you actually, believe it or not, they're still around. Just not in the US. In Japan, Geocities is still kicking strong. According to Alexa, they're currently among the top 50 websites visited in Japan. 

When I heard this, I had to sign up and make myself a Geocities website, just for old times. It took a bit of finagling to make my way through the sign up form, as my Japanese is a little rusty, but I made it.

Check out my new website!

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