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Paul Alkema


I offer a complete line of web Development services including ColdFusion development, web design, web development,web hosting and application development and SEO consultation.

Web/Application Development

Are you in need of a new website, tool or application? We’re the people you want to hire! Quality is our key. The worst thing a company could do is hire an agency to built a something and have that agency hand over a tool that doesn’t work or breaks in two years due to a poor lack of scalability. Besides ensuring that our customers are %100 completely happy with the application, quality and scalability is our primary goal.

Web Design

One of the most important aspects to a website, is the web design layout. A poorly laid out website will really make a company look bad and unprofessional. With my web design services I will work hard to portray your company as it so deserves.

Web Hosting

With the web hosting package that I offer, you will receive UNLIMITED bandwidth and UNLIMITED disk space starting at $9.99 a month! This enables your website to grow to the full potential and won’t be limited by disk space or bandwidth. I offer ColdFusion, ASP.NET and PHP hosting packages.