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How To Spoof Any Email | Send Emails To Anyone, From Anyone, Anonymously

May 02, 2013 · No Comments

How To Spoof Emails

Spoofing emails used to be a pain, you needed to find an open relay server and build an application that used that open relay server to send email on behalf of a specified email address.

Well things just got a whole lot easier. is a communal inbox that’s open to the public. One special feature of this, is the ability to send email however, one awesome feature of this is that the emails don’t need to come from anyone specific, but can be sent from the email address specified. IE; you can spoof someone’s email, without having to find a relay server and build an application to do it, this application is already built and open to the public. Best of all, this service is completely anonymous and according to the website, doesn't save any information about the emails being sent.

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