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What Ever Happened To Geocities?

April 22, 2013 · No Comments

Is Geocities still around? When I was 15, my first website was at Geocities. I think this is what started my interest in web development, although I look back on that now and don't really see that as being web development at all, it was still my first website.

In 1999 Yahoo bought Geocities, ten years later in 2009, I received an email from Yahoo, notifying my that my account was going to be closed as they were closing all Geocities accounts.

So, there in is the question, what ever happened to Geocities?

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Kali Linux Review

April 22, 2013 · No Comments

On March 27th Offensive Security released a new version of Backtrack. Because they made so many changes from the last version, they changed the name to Kali Linux. The new version is faster, more than 300 tools, easier to update, Debian compliant and the install is a breeze.

In addition, they created a new website dedicated to Kali Linux which is excellent considering the old backtrack website really needed a facelift. But hey, give me more than 300 tools in linux distro, who am I to complain?

When I heard there was a new version of Backtrack, I almost fell off my chair. I've been on some hacker forums, specifically and many of them have nitpicked it, in my opinion, people like what they know and when things change, many people don't like change.

What i've found, is the new version of Kali Linux is at least for me, much faster, more reliable and the tools are much more up to date.  I did a fresh install on one of my "Test" boxes and the install was much more smooth than I've had installing Backtrack. I've run it virtualized since then and found it awesome virtualized as well.

If you havn't already, I would highly recommend downloading it. Do it now!

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